• No annoying, painful nit combing required*
  • Gentle on hair, tough on lice
  • Approved for use on the whole family (children 6 months+)

*A fine-tooth comb or special nit comb may be used to remove dead lice and nits.

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Sklice kills lice

no matter where you pick ‘em up from

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My daughter came home from school to tell me about a new game her friends made to help with homework. They literally put their heads together to make their homework easier. Now I have more work at home to get rid of lice.
school lice story
During the one and only year I worked as a camp counselor, I was prepared to deal with mosquitoes, ticks, even spiders. But when my entire cabin started scratching their heads from lice, I didn’t need to scratch mine.
camp lice story
Nothing like getting a group text from a parent letting you know how much fun the sleepover was... followed with a by the way one of girls mentioned that her brother has lice and now her head felt itchy. I was up all night worried.
sleepover lice story
I was in a rush running my kids from school to soccer when my daughter told me that someone in her class had lice and that her head was starting to itch. Instead of spreading lice to the entire team, we headed back home.
sports lice story
We threw a costume party for my son since his birthday is around Halloween. It was all fun and games until I noticed lice in his friend’s hair after he asked me to help him put on his mask. Let’s just say cleaning up was an nasty chore.
party lice story
We booked a hotel for Spring Break one year only to discover that both my kids had lice. Before that unfortunate discovery, they had crawled into bed with my husband and I. There wasn’t much relaxing on the beach that year.
travel lice story
tube of Sklice

Sklice Lice Treatment, 4 oz. tube $54.99 / Includes Shipping

Sklice is a Rx strength lotion that uses the power of Ivermectin to kill head lice and nits in just 10 minutes with a single treatment-no second treatment required!