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Sklice Lice Treatment, 4 oz tube

$54.99 / Includes Shipping 4 stars
Sklice is a Rx strength lotion that uses the power of Ivermectin to kill head lice and nits in just 10 minutes with a single treatment—no second treatment required!

About This Item

  • Single, 10-minute treatment
  • Now available without a prescription
  • No annoying, painful nit combing required*
  • Gentle on hair, tough on lice
  • Approved for use on the whole family
    (children 6 months+)

*A fine-tooth comb or special nit comb may be used to remove dead lice and nits.

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Free shipping
on all Sklice orders

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Sklice kills lice

no matter where you pick ‘em up from

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