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How long does it take to kill lice and nits after applying Sklice?
In just 10-minutes the lice and nits will be killed, simply rinse with water after application and then wait 24 hours for a full shampoo.
Can I use a single tube of Sklice on multiple people?
Each tube of Sklice contains 4oz to cover an entire scalp and all strands of hair. Only one person should be using the individual tube, sorry siblings no sharing here.
Is there another step necessary after I rinse out Sklice from my hair?
Thanks to Sklice’s one-and-done treatment regimen no additional steps are needed, meaning no nit combing required.* Use that time to do something fun and in 24 hours you can shampoo.

*A fine-tooth comb or special nit comb may be used to remove dead lice and nits.

Is Sklice still the same strength as it was when it required a prescription?
Absolutely, Sklice is the exact same product and now no prescription required.
Will Sklice damage my hair or irritate my skin?
Sklice is gentle on skin and hair, however if the product is causing an adverse reaction, please reach out to your healthcare provider. To report a possible side effect, please contact 1-800-461-7449 or email aereports@azurity.com.